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Be afraid, be very afraid

Welcome to my warped and crazy mind. The fics will be divided by Anime then by complete, unfinished, and teasers for new ideas. Please read, comments and criticisms welcome.


Ronin Warriors / Samurai Troopers

Fairy Tale Gone Ronin

My pal Comet, who is also a writer, had a monster case of writer's block. This is the cure we came up with. Be prepared for craziness.


Pleasant Dreams

Someone, sometime, started writing Rowen as a heavy frequent sleeper. Way back when I first started reading RW fanfics, I took forgranted that it was true and wrote it into my stories. Here I made up my own version of why he spends so much time sleeping. Fluff.



This the darkest fic I have ever tried. It shows Mia dealing with the her experiences in the Dynasty after the warlords' defeat. Completed
WARNING: extreme angst!! Death fic.


The Gift

Have you ever wondered about Nasuti and Shu'ten? I have always thought they were a better match than Ryo and Nasuti.
This story has some plot buy mostly it is an excuse to get Nasuti and Shu'ten together. Completed

This fic contains graphic sexual content. You should be 18 or older to read this.


Gundam Wing


This was inspired by a Time Trax episode I saw about 6 years ago. I am currently working on a similar, but very different Ronin fic. This fic is odd to say the least. It does contain implied Shonen-ai content, very small, but it is there. You have been warned.


Gifts Given

This hurriedly written fic was created for the "Happily Ever After" fanfic contest on Ashura's page. It is Christmas time and Relena is feeling lonely.


Who's Your Lover?

I truly love Alternate Universe stories. I have created my own version of Gundam Wing and in I drop Heero Yuy. Be ready for OOC (I do try to keep Heero to Character), surprises, and hopefully humor.

This is my first multi-part fic and is still in the works.
Parts 1-4 posted.  Yaoi 1x2, 5x2, & 3x4

None of these characters, with the exception of Carissa, belong to me. They are the property of their individual creators and distributors. I have used them without permission for the purpose of entertainment only. These works of fiction are not meant for sale or profit.
Any original portion of the fictions included here are considered to be the sole property and copyrighted to the author.

A sunrise; Actual size=300 pixels wide




The Circle

In Progress 
A reality of power hungry heroes turn villain. Five factions struggling for control of their chaotic world, overrun with men, but ruled by women.

Part 2



Heiress bitch Dorothy
Father noble Treize
Suitor desperate Sage
Blacksmith peaceful Kento
Many more characters making appearances
Thrown together in a victorian setting.
With a little mystery and comedy mixed in.

In progress

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10



AU, GW/RW, Het/Yaoi/Yuri,
The nobles' favorite pastimes are parties, intrigue, and watching the gladiators. Two very different young women find friendship as they struggle to survive amidst the vipers of court.



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