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Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

You clicked on this page by mistake didn't you?


You mean you actually want to know about the anime obsessed girl without a life that runs this page?

Ok, then here you go.

Protect your eyes, it's a picture of me.

Me and a little demon at the Renaissance Festival in Texas.

Below is my muse, Carissa.
She pops up where ever I go.

She is a computer image I edited and the only one who survived my computer crash. Her 20 or 30 brothers and sisters were all lost.

A truck; Actual size=240 pixels wide

My favorite color is Purple, 2nded by Green, and I can't stand Pink.  What does this mean?  Here's just a little peek into my personality.


Like: This hue has an aura of mystery and intrigue. The purple person is enigmatic and highly creative, with a quick perception of spiritual ideas. Purple is often preferred by artists. People who like to consider themselves different from the common herd or unconventional often prefer purple.
You are often generous and, at times, charming. Purple is also associated with wit, keen observation, super sensitivity, vanity and moodiness. Because purple is a combination of red and blue, which are opposites in many ways, you often have conflicting traits. You are constantly trying to balance those opposites--the excitement of red with the tranquility of blue.
It has been said that purple people are easy to live with but hard to know. You can be secretive, so that even when you seem to confide freely, your closest friends never completely understand you.


Like: Nature's most plentiful color promises a balance between warmth and coolness, so green people are usually stable and balanced types. This is the good citizen, concerned parent, involved neighbor and PTA member--the joiner of clubs and organizations. You are fastidious, kind and generous.
It is important for you to win the admiration of peers so you are often a "do-gooder." You are a caring companion, loyal friend, partner or lover, with a high moral sense, and are super sensitive to doing the right thing.
You are intelligent and understand new concepts. You are less inclined, however, to risk something new than to do what is popular and conventional. The bad news about green people is that they often have big appetites for food. If you are dieting, it is difficult for you to lose your lumpies. The worst vice for a green is the tendency to gossip. Are you a little green with envy?


Dislike: Soft, medium tints do not evoke much emotion--many people are indifferent to pink. It is sweetness, innocence and naivete--red with the passion removed. So if you dislike pink, you are looking for excitement in your life and pink simply will not do it for you.

Anime Intrests

Current Favorites:
D N Angel
Fruits Basket
Ronin Warriors / YST
Gundam Wing
Hana Yori Dango
Yami No Matsuei

Weiss Kruez
Sailor Moon
Fushigi Yuugi
Magic Knights
Weiss Kruez
Ranma 1/2
Wrath of the Ninja
Ninja Cadets

Tenchi Muyo
Dirty Pair

Take it away:
Golden Boy
El Hazard
Project A-ko
Princess Rouge
Ninja Scroll

Thanks for taking a look at my web site; I hope you've enjoyed getting to know me. If you have any comments or suggestions, or share some of my interests, please get in touch. I love to get mail.



Favorite Quotes

"I'm only human." - DBZ, Krilin

"Anyone who sees me, has a date with his maker." - Gundam Wing, Duo

My sign is Cancer

Ruling Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Animals: Shelled Creatures

The need to protect the self and the family from threat is one of the chief Cancerian characteristics. Challenge a Cancerian in argument and a remarkable self-defense system springs into action. The expression tightens and clouds, a frown quickly appears between the eyes and there is an instant, rather snappy answer. This is a rather enigmatic zodiac type, but familiarity with a Cancerian reveals loving kindness and caring beneath an unpromising surface. A high emotional level is married to very considerable intuition.


Strong on the inside, calm on the outside. You value freedom.

My IQ score is 133 (based on free IQ Test)

This number is based on a scientific formula that compares how many questions you answered correctly on the Classic IQ Test relative to others.

Your Intellectual Type is Insightful Linguist. This means you are highly intelligent and have the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills contribute to your creative and expressive mind.

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